Jump Into a Colorful Ball Pit

Dive into fun with our ball pit rentals in Charlotte, NC

You don't have to go far to play in a fun ball pit. Kids Playhouse LLC brings the ball pit right to you. We can assemble our ball pit rentals in your yard or your gymnasium.

Choose from our:

  • 9x9 gray and purple ball pit
  • 8x8 white and blue ball pit
  • 6x6 white ball pit
  • 4x4 gray ball pit

Order a ball pit rental today in Charlotte, NC.

Choose the colors you want for your ball pit

You can make your ball pit extra special by selecting custom colors. Our custom ball pit rentals add a personal touch to any party. We can put your child's name on the ball pit, plus all kinds of themed decorations. Want the iconic blue pawprints from Blue's Clues? We can do that!

Call now to book a custom ball pit rental in Charlotte, NC.

Once equipment is installed it is not to be moved or altered in any way. If equipment is damaged you will be responsible for/charged full replacement cost!