How High Can You Bounce?

Book a bounce house rental from us in Charlotte, NC

Take your party to the next level with an inflatable bounce house. Kids Playhouse LLC can deliver and set up your bounce house rental so you can give your guests hours of fun. Your fundraiser, cookout or birthday party is sure to be the best on the block.

We have the:

  • Bounce House Mega
  • Bounce House Combo Water Slide (can be rented with no water)
  • Pink Castle
  • Blue Castle
  • Bounce House Jumper
  • Bounce House Mini

Reach out to us in Charlotte, NC now to discuss the bounce house rentals we offer.

Give kids a day to remember

Our inflatable bounce houses are popular for kids' events. Jumping around in a bounce house is a lot more fun- and safer- than jumping on the bed. Planning a super special birthday party? We can adorn the bounce house with your child's name and custom cutouts. We can also decorate it with balloon garlands in any color you choose.

Call now to order an inflatable bounce house rental in Charlotte, NC.

Once equipment is installed it is not to be moved or altered in any way. If equipment is damaged you will be responsible for/charged full replacement cost!